Preguntas Frecuentes

How do I know the size of the shoe?

Our lasts to be Chilean, are larger than those of the shoes of India, China or Vietnam, it is important that you know how to choose and measure your feet, recommendation: if you wear 37 all your life, try 36. Everything will depend on the type standing and the model you want in relation to your last (matrix) if you have questions please write us and we make a guided purchase. [email protected]

What is the difference between one size and the next one?
The difference between one size and the next one is 6mm.

How do I dry my shoes if they get wet?
If your shoes get wet, you need to dry them under shadow and never exposed to the sun because the leather will become stiff and the rubber sole will get sticky. Make sure you leave them in a ventilated space.

Why do Tada shoes have a small hole on the side?
Our shoes are handmade and that means that we use almost no machines in our production process. Our construction system is stitch down and when the leather cut is placed on the last, this needs to fixed to it with tin tacks which leaves the small holes on the leather. These holes show that our shoes are genuinely handmade.

Do you only use animal leather?
Yes, for now we only use animal leather. This material has very good qualities like resistance, flexibility and durability which makes it ideal for shoes. Despite that, we are currently looking for other materials that can be used for shoe making that can maintain our shoes characteristics.







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